What is the future of the hair dryers in the hospitality industry ?

In 2014, I met the designers of 2/3 stars hotel chain and they both told me that they don’t need my products. I was showing hair dryers, luggage racks, ironing centers, welcome trays, etc …

The year there after we faced the Paris and Brussels attacks and the same time we were discovering the rise of AirBNB.

In the meantime, I was surveying the end users of the hotel guestrooms, mainly women about the hair dryers and the answer was so regularly the same. They don’t trust the quality of the hair dryer in the guestroom and they travel with their own … Waouw so much invested for nothing or dissatisfying the client when they forget the hair dryer home.

Another 5 star hotel chain reported me that in Tokyo a world star singer complained about the hair dryer with consequence that the general manager went to a retail shop and bought a 2300W for her. Now this hotel chain has 2300 W hair dryers in their specifications for their guestrooms.

The way we solve this issue with the brand LovA by Atelier DLHV, is when our clients, the hotels ask us for 1200W hair dryers, we always offer for the same price, the upgrade to 1600W in order to comply with the environmental respect and the end users satisfaction !!! Indeed, we think that in term of heat and air flow the best ratio will be found with 1600W. And of course, the motor will be long life to respect environment and being eco-friendly labeled. 

Contact me for more information: ben@atelierdlhv.be